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Zero-edge-flex Zero-edge Fixed Motorized Custom

Zero Edge Flex - Max Size 250,"  Aspect Ratios, 16:9, 16:10, 2:35:1, 2:41:1 and 4:3

Screen Innovations - Zero Edge Flex

7 Series Zero Edge

5 Series Zero 3 Series Zero
7 Series Black Diamond Specs: Materials:
ScreenInnovations -  7 Series Zero Edge Black Diamond

5 Series Zero Edge

3 Series Zero Edge

Fixed Screens
7 Black Diamond 5 Series Fixed 3 Solar Fixed 1 Gamma Fixed Custom Fixed
7 Series Black Diamond - Max Size 142, Custom Sizes and Aspect Ratio's
Bungee tensioning technology

Unless you buy an SI screen with our patented Bungee tensioning technology, any time that you need or want to replace your screen, it would involve shipping the frame in it’s entirety back to the manufacturer so they can modify and replace the screen. With Bungee, this is not the case. We can simply ship you a new screen material and it’s as simple as snapping the connectors and bungees into the frame, and letting them self-align so there is no longer any headache on your part
In September 2007, Black Diamond™ Fixed changed the industry by allowing all projectors to perform well in both bright and dark environments giving customers the ability to utilize projection in applications that only a flat panel TV could exist before. Projection Design, Sony, JVC, Epson, Optoma and many others utilize the Black Diamond™ screen technology to show off their latest and greatest projector technologies.
7 Series Fixed is 100% custom and can be up to 5’ x 330’ Custom sizes, aspect ratios, curved radiuses, and materials are welcome.
For some people a curved screen can bring you an even greater sense of immersion when watching movies. The slight curvature of the screen gives the impression of the image wrapping around you, involving you in the action to an even greater degree. The opposite view is that a flat screen is more like a window into the movie. Either viewpoint is valid
In addition to preserving the contrast ratio from the projector, and increasing contrast performance over matte white screen materials by 900%, our Black Diamond™ material also preserves the colors being produced by the projector. This is possible because Black Diamond™ rejects the ambient light from the room which would include wall color, lights (which can push the screen into a different color temperature based), and other ambient light sources. Calibrating a screen has never been easier with our Black Diamond™ material.

5 Series Fixed

EZ Snap Bungee tensioning technology

5 Series Fixed is 100% custom and can be up to 104″ x 330’ / Larger Seamed. Custom sizes, aspect ratios, curved radiuses, and materials are welcome.
5 Series Fixed projector screens set the standard for high-end fixed screens. With it, you have the option of any of our new 8K rated Pure™ (yes 8K!) screen materials and our 4K screen materials including the latest in acoustically transparent screen technology. If you are looking for the ultimate room decor add any of our screen accent options to the luxurious 3.5″ beveled frame.

3 Series Fixed - Max Size 260", Aspect Ratios, 16:9, 16:10, 2:35:1, 2:41:1 and 4:3
EZ Snap
3 Series projector screens set the standard for performance and value and lead the industry with both Solar White and Gray 4k rated screen material options

1 Series Gamma  - Max Size 133", Aspect Ratios, 16:9
SI’s Sensation Series fixed projection screens add new meaning to the word value. Sensation offers a 3.25″ velvet wrapped aluminum frame with standard matte white screen material.